"My son is singing tonight at the Royal Albert Hall"

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This father should have been really excited and proud of having his son singing at this prestigious venue. I was eavesdropping “accidentally” when I was walking through the corridors of the Royal Albert Hall to find my seat to watch 2000 young singers from primary and secondary schools singing their heart out.

I was lucky enough to see the work of this new idea ‘Music Hubs’ into action. Although there is still discrepancy on this new idea among music educators, I have to admit that this was definitely a success for the Berkshire Music Hub. Apart form the usual music lesson in schools, music hubs were created to ensure that every child learn to play an instrument, sing in a choir or even play in an orchestra or band. Moreover the good thing is that these children will have opportunity to work with professional musicians, as was the case in this concert that I attended. In fact, the Berkshire Music Hub is in partnership with the BBC singers and these are helping the children to achieve excellent singing standards. For this event, some of the children also had the opportunity to work with Ben Parry, who is the Director of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. The concert also featured other gifted and talented young musicians from Berkshire such as Andy Leask and the young composer Thomas Carr who did an excellent job in writing a fanfare for this exciting event.

I am sure that behind all this there were so many teachers who dedicated extra hours to ensure that their students are getting the best out of this experience. I cannot not mention Peter Hunt who was the reason why I attended this event. He did absolutely a great job in getting together so many children singing in the cantata ‘Mississippi River’. So thank you Peter! I am sure that every child and young person taking part will cherish this musical experience throughout their lives. After all it is these experiences that help us grow to become exceptional adults!