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I cannot but be grateful to SCJ for helping me to organize this formation course on choral education for aspiring new choristers. At first I was skeptic about this initiative – I was afraid that the turnout of individuals interested would be sparse and the turnout very low. Imagine my surprise when I got not one but nine applicants, all from the tiny island of Gozo. Not bad when one considers how reticent the Maltese tend to be when it comes to participating in the arts. Hopeful and encouraged, I asked myself “What if this mentality is about to change? ”.

I remember our very first encounter– all looking somewhat timid and scared! As I got to know them better, however I discovered nine highly committed and hard working individuals eager to learn and immerse themselves more in the beautiful world of choral singing.

During the course I made it a point to tackle three basic areas. These included voice technique, basic theory and musicianship. As the participants were of different ages and abilities I was to be extra careful not to let anyone feel left out! Individual attention was the order of the day so as to create a comfortable sense of confidence.

All participants gave positive feedback on the rendition of the course and they highly recommend this course and describe it as an asset for future choir members.

Last January, they all joined Schola Cantorum Jubilate for the first time. I was thrilled and excited for them and felt an immense sense of satisfaction hearing them singing and getting involved with the rest of the choristers.

This experience, has confirmed that education can truly instill a sense of independence and confidence in a person. I witnessed this change in these nine new choristers after they attended these sessions – the learning process that took place gave them the necessary ability to sing with confidence within a group. I am aware that the road is still a long one but I am sure the compass is pointing in the right direction.