SCJ Weekend

  • Schola Cantorum Jubilate
  • Marouska
  • Malta
  • Choral Conductor
  • Conductor

I have just returned from a choir weekend with SCJ – and what a fun filled weekend it was! It is truly these special moments that make you aware of the beauty that we are surrounded with!

The main reason for this weekend together was to give the choristers ample time to integrate together in several activities specifically for them away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nowadays we live a very busy and hectic life (I feel this even more here in Malta). Since we are a small island and distance is not a problem to travel from one place to another, people tend to get involved in many things and are always in a hurry. Even within a choir environment, sometimes we get so tangled up in rehearsals routine and performances to the extent that we end up having little time to socialize or integrate together. 

All choristers took this weekend seriously and I was glad that the majority of them where present for the whole weekend.

Activities were various; there where spiritual moments and also an interesting talk by Fr. Aurelio who spoke about the role of the chorister in liturgy. We ate together, went for walks around the place we were staying at! Jokes and selfies of course were part and parcel with everything we were doing. The highlight of the weekend was a rehearsal session we had with the international acclaimed conductor Wayne Marshall. This was so inspiring for me and so much learning took place. I am looking so forward to the concert we have with him and the MPO next July! We had also time to share ideas and talk about the purpose and existence of the choir and made some good conclusions on where we wish the choir to be in a year’s time.

I am positive that these moments help us grow and get to understand more each other and ourselves. After all it’s these experiences that make us richer and not just the things we possess!