Music Educator

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  • St. James Cavalier
  • Sacred Heart Foundation

Marouska is qualified as a music teacher after she achieved her Postgraduate Certificate in Music Education from the University of Malta in 2007. She has worked as a music teacher at the Sacred Heart Foundation, St Julian’s Malta and also as an Art Animator at St James Cavalier – Centre for Creativity in Valletta.

Marouska currently works as a music teacher at the Gozo Visual and Performing Arts School. Here she teaches theory of music to seven and eight year olds using several different teaching methods to make this tedious subject as interesting as possible. Her main objective is to instill awareness about the importance of music education within the education sector in Malta. She believes that the main purpose of music education is there not only for those children who aspire to be musicians but it helps to serve every child to develop holistically into better adults.

As part of her MMus in Choral Conducting, Marouska’s dissertation focused on children’s choirs where she formulated a children’s choir programme for the music school she teaches back in Malta. She did so by evaluating several successful children’s choirs around the UK - analyzing their different approaches and methods. Even though there are a good number of choirs in Malta, people’s participation to sing is still very low. This is why Marouska believes that in order to bring a change in culture one needs to introduce singing to children from an early age.